Friday, June 23, 2017

Choices - Direction - Moving On . . .

30 x 30"

When I first began this quilt, I was thinking about choices:
All the choices that each of us are called to make, each and every day of our lives.

My kids are constantly making choices –
Where to live, who to date, should I buy a car? Etc.

I feel like I am personally in a constant state of making choices –
How do I want to spend the time that I have left?
What other interests should I explore?
What would I enjoy?
Should I down-size a lifetime of accumulation to prepare for the next place that I am going to live?
Where would that be?
How do I simplify my life so that I am able to manage easier day to day?
How do I make new friends?
. . .
The triangles in this piece, represent all of these choices.  Each pointing in a different direction - toward a different outcome - maybe. By using complementary colors with related surface design, I am trying to imply some abstract connection between them all.

In my quilting, I wanted to show ‘flow’, as in a current of water (life) where everything keeps moving and changing. I used clear monofilament thread to give texture and direction to the stitching, without overwhelming the viewer with color in the thread.
. . .
After a rough year of personal challenges while trying to finish this, I finally completed my quilt this week.
Hanging sleeve, label and all.

Now, it’s time to move on. . .