Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On and On . . . about Modern Quilting

A few weeks ago, I ran across an article in a Bernina newsletter that I subscribe to.
I was so excited to see a brief tutorial about how to use the 'Running Stitch' on any domestic sewing machine to achieve the mechanical look that so many
Modern Quilters are enjoying now.

Here is a link to the tutorial:

Using  a Walking Foot, with the Guide attached, it's easy to keep the distance between each row of quilting the same. (i.e. the Guide allows you to maintain an easy reference point for each row.)

I enjoyed seeing how the rows of stitching were lining up as I went along.

But when I got to the step of putting the binding on,
it started to bother me that the quilting stitches were not lining up with all of the edges.

I can see, where it makes sense that they wouldn't. Given that the quilt had been randomly pieced to achieve that highly coveted "Wonky" look of a Modern Quilt  and I had used one of those seams as a reference point to begin quilting.
In spite of the fact that, I had squared-up the quilt before beginning.

My first instinct was to try to correct this in some way. 
One thing I tried, was to run a machine Basting Stitch down one edge, 
coming further in on the quilt - to see if any type of 'straightening' was possible at this time.
And of course, that made little or no difference at all.
So, . . .
the lesson here is I think, 
if you are a long-time quilter, possessing all of the Traditional Quilting rules of expectation,
when using this new method of construction and quilting,
you are just going to have to let everything go!
I personally love this 'free-fall' method.

Once I tried this method of quilting, I was ready to move on to something that was more of a challenge. 
I did find that having to line up each and every row of stitching 
quickly became monotonous for me. 
I could not image ever finishing a larger quilting project employing this method.
But, that's me. 
Time to move on . . . 

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