Friday, April 19, 2013

'Watering theTrees'

This week, I needed a little 'therapy' piecing after all the violence that has been occurring in the nation.
Sometimes, this is my way of taking my head out of the present moment, to get a break from it all. 

I received this wonderful pattern in a newsletter (I think?) from the American Quilter's Society. 
It's a small tutorial on how to piece abstract representations of trees. Here is a link to the pattern page:

I believe it is from the current June 2013 issue of The Quilt Life magazine  
by Irene Berry.
It is quick and easy. But, what really attracted me to the article was how Irene starts out by writing about how forgiving this process can be. I thought I'd give it a try.

The other day, I took notice of how the trees across the street from us are looking so thin.
Evergreens do go thru different periods of losing needles and then filling back in again. But, my concern came from the fact that, some time ago, the trees in the back of our yard had also started looking the same way. I think that they are stressed from the changes occurring in our environment. . .
which gives pause for some thought.
And, of course! I had to work this out by sewing my thoughts into a quilt.

What inspires you to create a sewn 'thought'?
What do you think about while you are sewing your quilt?

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