Friday, August 17, 2012

A Bee on the window

Yesterday we had one of those rare but miserable three digit temperature days here in Portland.
I was so grateful that we have air conditioning. But, my sewing machine is upstairs in the dormer.
It can stay pretty warm in there, once the sun comes around to heat up that part of the house.
So, I spent my sewing time in the dark. Sewing only by the light of my machine, with a fan blowing at my feet.

I was pretty comfortable for a few hours, then had to call its quits for the day.
I managed to get some lines quilted on this piece from this week's 'Parfait dyed' fabric, which I gave instructions for in a previous blog. It ended up being the one piece of fabric that received the least amount of dye. Always going for the challenge of using the ugliest piece of fabric, I had to see what I could come up with. When I first opened it out, it reminded me of a pane of glass - or a window.
I added a bee to it that I had previously inked, enlarged and painted. 
It reproduced well on a piece of fusible fabric. 
Here it is ready to mount on a canvas.

Bee On The Window
16" x 20"

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