Friday, June 29, 2012

Not accepted

Today, the finalists were posted for Quilting Arts Magazine's
8" x 8" Art Quilt Challenge. Readers were asked to create an Art Quilt based on their signature color.
I love the color teal.
The upper half of my Dining Room is painted a darker, Blue Fir-like version of this color and it is both contemplative and elegant. Although in decorating, as with most areas of my life, I do like to mix it up a bit. 
I prefer a more primitive look with fine 'traditionals' mixed in - a sort of  juxtaposition. 
That way, one stands out against the other. I wanted to do that here with fabric.

The piece I entered (above), had been inspired and completed as a study for a larger quilt that I have been working on titled; 'Fresh Cut Grass'. I quilted 'furrows' or side-by-side lines making reference to the rows that the wheels of the lawnmower leave behind while mowing the grass.
The deeper blues and blotchy earth colors represent water and soil elements that combine with newer Spring growth (i.e. the lighter/brighter green-yellows).

I kept things simple and liked the implied order. 
As always, I had to add some gingham checks. 
A small piece of checked fabric shows up in just about every piece I make.

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