Thursday, June 28, 2012

For 'Supper' tonight

Yesterday, I spent time working on five separate projects.
I did make a little progress on each of them. But, I had to finally settle down to finish up a tablerunner that I needed to have done for today. 
So, I sat on the porch in the afternoon and put the binding on.

I made this tablerunner to bring as a hostess gift to tonight's dinner.
I just love this Tracy Porter fabric! Of course, I wish that I had purchased more of it.
My Cousin's daughter, (I googled that and found out that she's my Cousin once removed
and her husband, have recently made a move here to the Portland area.
We are invited over for 'supper' tonight.
My Cousin once removed and her husband are from the Dakota's.
Where one would refer to the last meal of the day as 'supper'.
A little confusing, but I am getting better at remembering the difference between 'supper' and 'dinner'. 
The latter, referring to the meal eaten in the middle of the day. Which many of us fondly refer to as 'lunch'.

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