Friday, June 29, 2012

Not accepted

Today, the finalists were posted for Quilting Arts Magazine's
8" x 8" Art Quilt Challenge. Readers were asked to create an Art Quilt based on their signature color.
I love the color teal.
The upper half of my Dining Room is painted a darker, Blue Fir-like version of this color and it is both contemplative and elegant. Although in decorating, as with most areas of my life, I do like to mix it up a bit. 
I prefer a more primitive look with fine 'traditionals' mixed in - a sort of  juxtaposition. 
That way, one stands out against the other. I wanted to do that here with fabric.

The piece I entered (above), had been inspired and completed as a study for a larger quilt that I have been working on titled; 'Fresh Cut Grass'. I quilted 'furrows' or side-by-side lines making reference to the rows that the wheels of the lawnmower leave behind while mowing the grass.
The deeper blues and blotchy earth colors represent water and soil elements that combine with newer Spring growth (i.e. the lighter/brighter green-yellows).

I kept things simple and liked the implied order. 
As always, I had to add some gingham checks. 
A small piece of checked fabric shows up in just about every piece I make.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

For 'Supper' tonight

Yesterday, I spent time working on five separate projects.
I did make a little progress on each of them. But, I had to finally settle down to finish up a tablerunner that I needed to have done for today. 
So, I sat on the porch in the afternoon and put the binding on.

I made this tablerunner to bring as a hostess gift to tonight's dinner.
I just love this Tracy Porter fabric! Of course, I wish that I had purchased more of it.
My Cousin's daughter, (I googled that and found out that she's my Cousin once removed
and her husband, have recently made a move here to the Portland area.
We are invited over for 'supper' tonight.
My Cousin once removed and her husband are from the Dakota's.
Where one would refer to the last meal of the day as 'supper'.
A little confusing, but I am getting better at remembering the difference between 'supper' and 'dinner'. 
The latter, referring to the meal eaten in the middle of the day. Which many of us fondly refer to as 'lunch'.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The true definition of optimism

 Even though it's been a bit darker and certainly wetter than usual this year,
here in Portland. . .

. . .the vegetable garden we put in seems to be doing okay. 

This morning, I referred to a book form of  The American College Dictionary,
rather than an online reference, to find the definition of the word: 'optimism'.
What I found was:

1. Disposition to hope for the best; tendency to look on the bright side of things.
2. the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world. 
3. the doctrine that the existing world is the best of all possible worlds.
4. the belief that goodness pervades reality

A recurring theme throughout my life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Taking some time out

Last week, we started rearranging the rooms of our house. This was a direct result of my youngest son moving to his own place, once again.
I have had these plans both in my mind and on paper, for quite some time.
We have re-purposed two of our upstairs rooms.
From the start, it was a little disorienting. 
Jonesy was just as crabby as I was for the first few days. But, after he discovered that this was all to his advantage - he actually has a bed to himself  for now -
I found him this weekend, none the worse for wear.
I haven't really done any sewing during this 'move' of ours. I've decided to take some time out and continue with the cleaning out and rearranging of the house.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Enough is enough!

Rain. . .

 Rain. . .
Go away!

Usually, I don't really mind the rain here in Portland. There are always enough sunny and beautiful days to offset the gloom.
This year, however - not so much.
I am getting weary. . .
and very homesick.

Today in
 Portland, Oregon
Current: Overcast
Wind: S at 12 mph
Humidity: 64%
 Today in
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Partly Cloudy
Current: Partly Cloudy
Wind: SW at 10 mph
Humidity: 46%

Monday, June 4, 2012

Here we are - all loaded up and ready to pick up one last person. 
Two mini-vans, four quilter's to a vehicle, provided just enough room to be comfortable.

After we picked up Jere we were ready to hit the road.

Our first stop, was the 'Paisley Duck' in Kelso, Washington.

It was like having 'hors-d'oeuvres' to get acquainted before a meal.

Next, was 'The Quilt Nest" in Castle Rock.


Then, 'Sister's Fabric' in Chehalis.
We added 'Ruby Street Quiltworks' to our list, and stopped briefly in Tumwater.

Now, at this point my memory gets a bit sketchy. I'm really not sure what pictures and what stops I did not get documented, and therefore have already forgotten. I'll have to check with everybody to get some of the blanks filled in. . .

Our destination, was the 'Wild Rose Quilt Shop' in Orting, Washington.

 They had this great service elevator to help get our sewing machines and all our other stuff  up to the second floor retreat/classroom area. Sleeping rooms and bathrooms were just behind us on each side.



 We enjoyed about a day-and-a-half of sewing, while we solved all of the worlds problems. . .

. . .lunch at the local Mexican Restaurant.

For breakfast and one evening, we shared a meal prepared in our little kitchen.

 Sunday, was our morning to pack up and leave.

After settling our tabs at the shop downstairs, we loaded the cars.
One of our van drivers had to return home earlier than those who road with me.
So, . . .
we thought we might have time to squeeze in one more quilt shop stop!

 Lucky for us, 'Carriage Country Quilts' in Des Moines would be open.
What a great ending to a wonderful weekend.

Time passed quickly, as we drove back to the Portland, Oregon area. 
We only experienced a few sprinkles of rain along the way. Everyone got home safely. Perfect!
Thanks girls, for all the weekend fun! 

 Now, the difficult part is getting back to the 'day-to-day'. . .
Yes, Dortha - it's time for "Recalculating" your route.