Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Sky At Night

I had started this about a year ago. It all began when I simply sliced a batik fat quarter at a diagonal, and added another fabric. 
It reminded me of what the sky looks like at night when you're camping way out and away from the city lights. Then, you are able to see that there really is alot going on out there!

There are a few little fun details. 
Like this dark little house on the edge of what looks to be a river with one lone salmon. It all is very still and quiet down there.
But, the clamor in the heavens is quite amazing!

  It took about a week to quilt, seven thread changes and layering all the sparkly tulle. 
I think I'm going to have to take some better pictures because you only get a hint of it by looking at this.

This quilt is about 24" x 36". 
But, by the standards of my quilt group - it's only a small quilt.

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  1. Love it! Must feel good to have it done. One another note, I’ve been allocated 5 sites to award a Liebster Blog Award for inspiration and interest… I love your blog, so I think you should have one.
    Please check back to my blog to receive your award and pass it on.