Monday, March 5, 2012

Finishing up a UFO

I've been finishing up a UFO.
One thing I have learned (the hard way of course) is to pin thoroughly, before ever attempting to machine quilt a quilt on your domestic sewing machine. - No matter what the size of the quilt.

Once again, I am adding a favorite little detail of a 'Prairie Point'. This time, to one edge of the quilt.

I've discovered that the Quilt Police cannot really find this little 'cheat' in my technique. It gets sewn into the seam allowance of the quilt and disappears forever! 
(Nobody really looks for this type of thing on an Art Quilt anyway.)

I really love using fusible web to make everything else easier. So, why not tuck a tiny piece into your 'Prairie Point' to hold it together after pressing?

See how tidy they become? and they hold their shape while you work with them.

The only part that I do not like, is having to bury my threads at the end.

I try to justify the time spent as 'getting closure'.

And don't forget the sleeve and binding. . .

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