Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Northwest Snowman

When the weather changed from Fall to Winter on our calendar here, I embroidered this 'Northwest' version of a Snowman and made it into a pillow for our guest bed.

He's got moss and mushrooms growing on his arms and head. This guy is holding a hot cup of coffee, and of course it's raining instead of snowing. Very typical for our Winters here in Portland, Oregon.

I simply reduced one of my Seasonal applique patterns 50%, and traced it onto a piece of muslin. After I stitched it up, I used a little instant coffee on the whole piece to achieve an 'aged' look. Can't see much of it in the picture though. I would have liked there to be more contrast between the threads and the fabric.

One lesson learned: 'staining' the whole piece afterward also stains the threads!

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